Dependable technology partner for ambitious businesses

Do you own a business and want creative software development and/or constant supervision of your digital realm without hiring full-time IT specialists? Do you want to be competitive in Europe with creative tech-solutions and do it fast? Kaftware can handle all that for you and your business.

Kaftware- is a creative software development company, based in Amsterdam, providing its products and services across Europe. Kaftware puts customer trust in the core of its objective. It is a specialized guide for startups and innovative companies to stay up to date with exponential technological growth of our decade and meet newly emerging needs of multi-media society. Our team consist of diverse developers with both local and outsourced partners under the control of expert project managers in Netherlands. We believe a team of people can achieve much more than the sum of its parts. Thus, we are able to give faster results with good quality and a touch of creativity.

We provide all sort of IT services, ranging from mobile and web development, software development, e-commerce, blockchain systems, Ai & big data solutions, FinTech.

Additionally, we give IT consultations and help companies integrate digital technologies and products into their marketing strategies. Check out our website for details kaftware.com

For more information, feel free to reach out to me directly via LinkedIn or at hello@kaftware.com